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Welcome to East High...
...Where the drama club is loved and the Wildcats rule. We come to the beginning of senior year (year 11), just after Troy met Gabriella at the ski resort. Everything may seem normal, at the moment, but soon enough things would change like no one could ever imagine, before anyone could control it, the status quo would be, in a way, thrown out the window.

Miss Darbus is getting ready for the Twinkle Town musicale, the Wildcats are getting ready for their basketball finals, against West High Knights, and the decathlon team are getting ready for their day, but everything won't go as smooth as every one thinks.

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Welcome to East High!
Feel free to become a character or create your own
Admins: Sharpay and Troy
Moderator: Gabriella
Keep Role playing!
Or else!!!!!! {Tongue Out}
Character Homes
No New PostsSharpay and Ryan Evans' Home1 Topics - 9 Posts
This is where Ryan and Sharpay live
14th Sep 08 at 5:38pm UTC by Sharpay Evans
in Paired with Gabs
No New PostsTroy Boltons' Home0 Topics - 0 Posts
This is where Troy Bolton lives
No recent Posts
No New PostsGabriella Montez's Home0 Topics - 0 Posts
This is where Gabriella Montez Lives
No recent Posts
No New PostsRegester your home0 Topics - 0 Posts
Where does your character live? request a home and tell us all about it!Led By: Sharpay Evans
No recent Posts

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